Back in Haiti

This is my second week in Despinos which is right outside Port-au-Prince. We’re staying with Joel Hess, an American Missionary who’s been here for 3 years. I love working alongside him so I was soooo excited when Ryan said I could return with another group. I’m not responsible or anything this time – yes I’m a SCORE representative like last week but Miki Padgett is also in my group so therefore, HE has the authority (YaY!). I’m having a great time… I’m really tired and was pretty frustrated today with some minor drama going on, but all in all, i love Haiti! I love working with Joel. I can’t wait to come back and stay with him for a longer period of time in the future. I can’t wait to meet his wife and two precious kiddos.

Since 4 am yesterday we’ve had 4-5 aftershocks so that’s been interesting. Last night we had two in 10 minutes so we had to move everyone who was inside the house outside around two a.m. How exciting! You know those games you play where you say, “if there was a fire coming and you had time to grab one thing what would you grab”? I have been outside the whole time but i went and grabbed mine and james’ laptops :p Haha.

Well, i’m falling asleep typing this, so i best be off…

God be with everyone!!


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