So I’m going to Haiti

I am officially on the team for Haiti tomorrow. Now, what I’m going to be doing, I’m still not sure. I know it’ll be something to do with helping Rachel. She’s not back right now (she finally had a day off) so I haven’t talked to her about it in any details.

Dan just told me that half the team isn’t going to make it to Haiti … part of them are stuck in Atlanta, and part of them are stuck in Miami. Because of snow, folks. Who woulda thunk they’d be going on a mission trip to a place in the Carribean and STUCK in FLORIDA because of snow… global warming –> it’s changing everything! :p I’m not sure what all that will change with our teams… if we’ll wait for day & delay everyone’s trip (which will be expensive because everyone’s staying over at embassy right now) or what to do… Pray for wisdom!

I’m including this because I want y’all to pray about it! It’s written by Dr. Bob.

Dear Co-Laborers with Christ,

With the disaster now almost a month in the past the problems and phases of this situation are changing.
One of the latest crises is an outbreak of Tetanus. This is a killing disease. It is almost eradicated in the US, but in the third world, especially after a disaster of this magnitude, Tetanus is becoming a serious problem.
What makes this doubly worse is that the outbreak is effecting the rescuers, specifically the police.
Score has been asked to secure and administer Tetanus vaccine to the entire police force and swat team of Port Au Prince. This is an amazing opportunity to stem the tide of this disease, as well as, gain national and international recognition (and therefore easier access to the country with more open doors for the gospel!!!).

This appeal is for you to secure and have donated this vaccine for Score and contact me and the home office to indicate the same. Score in Chattanooga with arrange for transport to the DR or Port Au Prince. Our time table here is short. I have a meeting with the UN next Wed!!

Please pray and contact your suppliers for either unit dose or multidose systems. Score has med teams to administer the vaccine.

The unit dose vaccine takes up more space, but we will take what we can get. Themultidose system requires syringes where the unit dose does not. We’ll utilize both!

In Christ,

Bob Nilsen
Coordinator of Medical Evangelism
Score International
Dominican Republic

Prayer Requests:
~That I won’t get any more sick. Right now I’m taking antibiotics for my strep throat, malaria pills, and cold medicine. I feel alright, but I have a cough and a stuffed nose…
~That I’ll be able to HELP Rachel!! to lift her ginormous burden
~That I can share CHRIST’s love with someone. just one would be so worth it!!
~That people won’t see me, but HIM
~That the team works together – as a team. A pre-appointed leader
~Dr. Bob’s meeting with the UN goes well!!!

(I didn’t really take any pictures this week, because nothing really happened.. I want to talk pictures of Haiti, DEFINITELY, but i’m debating about taking my camera… we’ll see I guess.)

The power went out today for a while… it was off in the clinic all day. Not sure why we’re not getting power and across the street they are. The lights are flickering as I type this. Electricity is very unreliable in this country. I don’t usually even notice it though because we don’t use the AC in the day time, but haha, at night… i notice it :p

God be with you, wherever you are!

~Elizabeth Busshaus

sharing the gospel in a village


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