Today was hot. I didn’t really do any work. Mostly just did my own thing.

Bethany and I deep cleaned our apartment. It was GROSS inside the cupboards. You can’t even imagine. Since it was the middle of the afternoon and this day had no breeze, we were pretty gross ourselves when we finished. So… we went swimming 🙂

At five we went and looked at apartments. They were nice! 1 HUGE bedroom, living room… etc. (all HUGE and i’m serious!) it’s $450/month (including gas, AC, electricity). Then there was one that had two bedrooms – one upstairs and one downstairs. It was so big for a two bedroom apartment! Anyways, that one was $600. Good deal we thought…

Anyways, that’s trivial, but my day! 🙂

Bethany’s 21 by the way. YaY. Another girl my age!! Hehe.

Tomorrow Dr. Bob, Tim & Evelyn and I will be moving the stuff from the clinic (all the stuff stacked up) to the warehouse. It’s all divided up for the different medical ministries we’re doing.. . Haiti, the new hospital, the teams that come in, the clinic here… etc.

So that sums it up!


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