Week Three Beginnings..

Week three is slooooow. We’re just organizing a messy, disorganized, stuffed to the max clinic.
I’ve been sick, so quiet is probably a good thing! But I’ve had time to go down to the beach, play with Mattias, get to know Sarah better, and meet and hang out with Bethany… even watch a movie! So it is nice 🙂 -I do like being busy though!-

Bob’s son is flying in tomorrow and it’s his first time to the Dominican Republic, so Dr. Bob is going to be taking him around and showing him the different ministries and doing the whole historical tour in the capital.

I have a new roommate. She’s actually going to be a full-time SCORE missionary, and is looking for an apartment, but right now is living with me 🙂 Her name is Bethany and she was an intern either last year or the year before. She first did the GAP program in Costa Rica so she knows Spanish. I’m not sure how old she is; I’m pretty sure she’s around my age though. She’s from Buffalo, New York. She’s a really sweet girl. Mom reminded me of my past roommates and how dear they are to me!!

One of the Haiti teams got kicked out of where they were so they had to find a new place. Tim said that where they are right now they’re having to pay like $750/day just to work there! Craziness… Next week the logistics and stuff will have to be worked out before they go again. Bob’s not sure where they’re going to go yet. Pray for wisdom for them. Pray for the health of the team out there… one guy had to fly home because of having a seizure – they brought him back to SCORE that day and Bob wanted me to help him assess him. We think he’s going to be okay, but he (the guy) was pretty upset.

Rachel’s leading out two teams in Port-au-Prince. They’re passing out food, water, etc. Pray that the Lord keeps that team SaFe!! And pray for Rachel. She’s been here a week longer than I and has been in Haiti every week… going going going going. She was sick as well before she left again. I pray she’s better now!!

Jesse’s here; he’s on the medical team in Haiti right now – the ones that had to find a new place. He’s going to be staying for two weeks, so I’ll get to see him Thursday when he gets back. Been thinking a lot about their team – since it was small to begin with and then the two guys left… and all the crazy stuff happening. He says he’s having a great time out there though – “fun and rewarding” were his words 🙂

I’ve been getting to know Sarah Liborio a lot more in the past few days. As you know, Mattias is my buddy 🙂 But his mom’s testimony of losing her husband, being called to missions, and actually being HERE! is amazing and so encouraging to me! I love her. Can’t wait to spend more time with her! Pray for her as her anniversary is Valentine’s Day (Sunday).

I must get back to work. Love to you all!!

PS) Ellie, it was great to chat with you, girl 😉


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