I can’t believe I’ve been here two weeks already. 14 days… 70 more to go. I love it here. 🙂 I’m all rested again, and ready to begin again! Today my friend, Jesse Leicht, arrives. I’m sooo excited to see him. I know I’ve said that 10 million times, but I’m pretty stoked about his coming…

Last night I went to JUMBO to get a few things… Erica Jude and I went together. I got some gatorade (they didn’t have any Powerade…) oreo cookies (or something like them), CHEESE!, granola bars, some mixed nuts…

I got back in change some Dominican money. YaY the first DR money I have now! 🙂

Guess I’ll be starting a new photo album on facebook tomorrow. Not quite sure what I’ll be doing this new week, but we shall see! Every day is an adventure. I love the way the Judes say, “Living the Great Adventure!” 😀

The other day at the village Daward came by to see us. It was so fun, knowing that I’ve made a friend, here in a “foreign country.” He’s busy right now with baseball, so he can’t translate for SCORE. But we were in his home village so he came by to say hey. He said he wants me to come meet his family and go to their church sometime. Hopefully I’ll be able to.

I went to the mercado modelo yesterday with Union. I didn’t get many still pics, but I did do a lot of filming while the students shopped around. I taped this one guy who spoke excellent English – I asked him to tell me where we were. I can’t wait to edit my video clips and make something with them! David (the translator) came by while we were standing on the steps and said hey. He had one of the dentists pull out his molar during the Thursday clinic and wasn’t feeling too good for the rest of the day :p

Speaking of David, he spent a couple nights at SCORE this week because he was translating for us so many days (he lives in Santo Domingo, an hour bus ride away). One of the nights we were talking about my learning Spanish. He said I need to start working on it now. I said, “Tomorrow!” haha. He made me go get my cards and start right THEN. So, I had my own personal tutoring session. I learned a lot. He didn’t laugh at my pronunciation. Tehe. He said to put them all on one piece of paper and my brain wont think it’s such a huge list and read through it 3 times all throughout the day. I’m working on that. My favorite and most used phrase is… (guess)



I also use Sientate, Diga AHHH, and cansada a lot.

I’m starting to pick up a lot more. Hopefully after three months I’ll know a lot 🙂

Rachel Turner, my roommate is back.  Last night she was working on her project for the SCORE website.  She was showing me some tips and stuff about editing, what’s a good photograph, etc.  I really enjoy talking with her!  She’s a very neat person – a Christian, standing the gap (I keep quoting other people :P) and doing stuff that I would LOVE doing… photojournalism.  Like I said in my last post, check out the SCORE site for her writings, pics, and stuff about Haiti.  She’s leaving again tonight to lead out a big project to Port-au-Prince and they’re going to be giving out food and stuff at an orphanage.  I don’t have any pictures of her, but again, read her stuff!

Well, this is a long post, I shall post again when I know what’s gonna be going on this weekend, and next week! God bless you all!

Here’s the link to the weeks’ picture album: (I might add a few more tonight, but probably not. Enjoy!)

Love to you all!

Living the great adventure!
~Elizabeth Busshaus


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