Sorry I haven’t Been Updating Here!!

It’s been a CRAZY busy week!!! I went out with the Medical teams every day and that was great. I was at a nurse’s station too, so I got to use my training – kind of anyways. I enjoyed that a lot. Tuesday night was CRAZY and so Wednesday was a rather rough day for me… I ended up sleeping a lot of it – I needed a break and Tim and Evelyn saw fit for me to take it during the midst of the morning medical clinic. Though who know me know that I don’t like to miss anything, but i knew they were right so i headed out to a cool, shady spot outside. The bus driver (who knows no English) came and tapped me on the shoulder about 20 minutes later when he saw me falling over, asleep. I went to the bus and woke up after lunch… After that I was better, but still pretty worn out. When we got back to SCORE, DOCTOR (the leader of the Union University team – we called her Doc Tor) ordered me a couple cups of juice, a hot shower, and a nap (I had been COLD all day….). Thursday morning, bright and early, I woke up HAPPY again. πŸ™‚ I was back to my usual continuous singing (“I will lift my eyes…”) and my brain was ready for all the duties I have.

It was busy again, loooooooooooots of laundry, always cleaning up after people, and answering questions, but I was ready again πŸ™‚ I thrive on being busy. I don’t thrive on being the #1 person responsible though, so I was glad that Megan and Ryan were only gone for one night!

Today is Friday – not quite sure what’s going on actually. My teams that I’ve been with are leaving today (NOOOO 😦 ) and more teams are coming in eventually. and JESSE’S COMING TOMORROW!!! πŸ˜€ YaY!! I asked Ryan very humbly if it would be possible to spend more time with THAT medical team this coming week, and he said he’d check the scheduling and that it would probably work out. I hope so! Even if it doesn’t though.. I’m so ready to see someone that knows me!

A little girl who came with a volleyball team and is the younger sister of Sarah, Sadrach’s wife, and I got to be friends last night. She’s very sweet. BUT, I have come to a conclusion, after my talk with her: i’m SO sick of people saying, “YOU’RE TWENTY-ONE??? NOOOO!! I was SURE you were 14!” Seriously…

Hope everything is going well for y’all in the States. It was great to be able to SKYPE my girls Wednesday night!! I’ve missed them all, so I was so happy to see them! Love to you all!


2 thoughts on “Sorry I haven’t Been Updating Here!!

    • MEE TOOO!!! i just had to send off for a release form to be signed… hopefully that’ll take care of things…

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