D-Day Plus + 6

Annie, Aileene and Myself... we were a team today. YaY!

Today was a busy day, because I was actually kinda doing a nurse’s job instead of being a gofer.  It was good though and because Ailene and I got to hang out so long, we became fast friends.  I have a feeling we will be friends for a long time!!  I am hoping to go to her church some Sunday while I’m here.  She asked me if I would and I asked if I could, and apparently that’s a huge possiblity and everyone was happy I asked 🙂  We shall see!!

A lot of the translators didn’t come today because we had a lot less people.  It was nice because it was smaller… I felt like more efficient work got done (not that the bigger groups did any less, but there was a lot of joking around… idk..).  Anyways, we only had Ailene and Alex (of course, he always comes) and then Daward.  And Nate and Erica were there today as well.

I went to this man’s house today that apparently usually had high blood pressure.  He was sick but his blood pressure wasn’t really high today.  I got to take him back some medicine and talked with him a little… neither of us understanding a word the other said, but he was so appreciative and I enjoyed “talking” to him.  🙂

There was this precious baby boy that I had to hold to weigh him in.  He was touching my stethoscope and looking at it… then suddenly he feel asleep!!  It was so cute!

Ailene, myself and the baby 🙂

I got to spend a lot of time with some girls this week.  They were all between 12 and 14 and very sweet girls.  They want me to keep in touch with them after they leave.  I felt kinda like they were a bit like my campers while they were here.  🙂

the girls and I 🙂

Well, that’ll be all for now!! God bless you all!



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