My Last Sunday at NCCF

Today was my last Sunday in the States. James and Mrs. Kraus played “How Beautiful” as the prelude, kind of as a sending out for me on the mission trip. It was so well played – both of them sounded beautiful!!
Mr. Fait picked “Wonderful, Merciful Savior” as one of the songs. He mentioned it being one of my favorites. He mentioned me remembering it and the scripture i know as I get ready to leave. He was right. It definitely is one of my favorites. It probably IS my favorite. (Of course, Lead me to the Cross and Blessed Be Your Name, and Never Let Go are right up there too!)
Dad preached at our church. He talked about 1st Samuel 15. Where Saul was disobedient. Where his favorite passage in the Bible is… to obey is better than sacrifice.
He said, “Saul’s opinion of himself was totally different than what God thought of him. Is your opinion/evaluation of yourself totally different than God’s of YOU??”

Jesus would rather go through DEATH – even death on a cross!! and everything associated with that – than disobey.


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