I Wish I Were In Haiti Right Now

Yes I do!!! What i can do is pray tho!!! Pray that God will send those who can help in their time of need. Pray that what they need will be available to the rescue workers. Pray for Dr. Jorden as he’s going down there to help on Sunday. Pray for the Dominicans who are close and are helping. Pray for the Haitians, that they will SEEK GOD!!! and Pray that when i get there next week, that if it’s His will, I’d be able to go help in any way they need!!!

For now, here, I felt the urge to eat because i was “STARVING!” Then I saw on the edge of my facebook profile, “Feed the Hungry in Haiti” and suddenly I no longer felt starved. I felt fat and greedy and gluttonous. And i felt sad.

God be with them!


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