So.. I’m down to it… the final hours…

I have made it. I only have ONE more week of nursing school before I graduate. And this week is going to be awesome… I have NCLEX review with Mrs. Moreno on Tuesday (and she’s the bEsT teacher ever– makes everything so fun) [and then i have my geriatrics final… but that’s not all that wondiferous :/] but THEN i begin my last week of clinicals and they are all in the ER. THREE days in the ER. What a way to end!! 😀 I’m so excited. The ER is where I wanna work anyways, so to be able to end on this note I’m so pleased. God is so good to have it work out this way. 🙂

I have been very happy for the past few weeks – i mean happier than usual. I’m sure that’s because the end of my current troubles are approaching and I can move on with my life. :p LoL The people in my life will change – all these people that I’ve been with every day – I’ll probably never see most of them again. I hope i see them again, uh haha, certain ones anyway ;).

And I’ll be leaving for North Carolina for Christmas, NYC for 10 days, and then back home to study for my big State Boards Test, then headed down to the Dominican Republic for the next five months or so.
I’m probably going to come back here – Fredericksburg – to get my wisdom teeth out *BIG SIGH*. And then back to the Hill for the summer – at which i’m being pressured into being the camp nurse… idk what’s gonna happen there.

I’m still going back and forth about what to do next fall. I might just end up staying here and getting my year of work experience – in Kerrville, maybe – and go to RN school… i just have no idea though. Maybe I’ll go back to the Dominican again. Direction??!!

Well… i better go back out and continue my attempt to organize my room to prepare for my aunt and grandparents coming for my graduation – i have to be out of my room before they get here and i’ll probably not go back out there again. There is so much change in the air!! 😀 YaY!!

May the Lord bless you all.

~a very happy future nurse!!!

elizabeth busshaus.


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