I’m so excited about tomorrow!! I love you tomorrow! Hehe

But tomorrow markes the beginning of the next thanksgiving conference. it’s been 21 years since i went to my first one, haha.

But what made me think to write a post was the fact that i have a HUGE privilege of growing up in a Christian family. i’ve always have been exposed to Bible teaching. Yes, those first few years were at His Hill, but even after we moved away, i continued to hear the word preached. (Not that i was really paying that much attention that first thanksgiving conference – haha… i doubt i was even in on the sessions).   After we moved from the Hill tho, we continued to go to the Thanksgiving Conferences.  Actually, MOST of my thanksgivings have been spent at the hill – I honestly only remember maybe 1 or 2 that we didn’t go up.  MAYBE 1 or 2.  I remember the year i was like.. 10 probably and made a wager with myself that I could attend ALL of the sessions — without getting bored and having to go to play with the kids.
This is another year, and now i’m 21. Sonny Westbrook will be teaching this year. Now there’s no chance of me having to go be with the little kids – unless of course Gracie & Bella come, then i might have to be pulled away from them to attend the sessions, haha. But seriously, i’m so excited to spend the week with CHRISTIANS! and my friends!  I’m so excited to hear what Mr. Westbrook has to say!

What a privilege it is to have grown up in a climate where CHRIST is the center. I am blessed! I am THANKFUL!

I must also reflect on the verses that talk about to him who is given much, much is expected of him. And 2nd Peter 2:22 – a verse my testimony is “built around” which says, “For it would have been better for them never to have known the way of righteousness than after knowing it to turn back from the holy commandment delivered to them.”

Thank You, Father, for this privilege of growing up in a Christian home!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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