Not Your Usual FairyTale

Once upon a time, in far off land, there lived a princess. One day this princess found herself a nice, tall tree. She decided to build a treecastle. She worked all day long building herself this beautiful treecastle.

As dusk began to set, she looked up toward the horizon and said,
“I should go back to the castle to eat my dinner with my mummy and papa.” But as she began to make her way down the tree, she realized that she hadn’t left a way to get out of her treecastle.

“Oh no!” she cried. “I built myself a castle with four walls and no door, how will I ever escape from this prison?”

She sat down in the middle of her newly constructed room and began to cry.
Suddenly, she heard footsteps of a large creature approaching the treecastle. Then a voice came out of the deepening darkness.

“Repunsel, Repunsel, let downnnn your long hair” came the voice of a dragon from below the tree.

“No! Not by the hair of my chinney, chin, chin!” she cried with great courage and fortitude.

“Well then! I’ll huff! and I’ll puff! and I’ll bloooow your house down!!”

She was glad the dragon could not see her, as she was terrified of what he might do. But instead of crying or even replying, she decided to wait for a moment in case something better might come to mind.

As she paused, she heard yet another two pairs of footsteps approaching. It was the sound of horse’s hooves. Next she heard the voice of a prince saying,

“Stop ye insolent varlet or I shall run ye through!”

She felt a rush of excitement and pride in this prince for wanting to save her, but instead of nothing happening suddenly the whole treecastle burst into flames which lept for the starry sky. She found herself falling in quite the opposite direction.

The next thing she knew she was on the back of the horse with the prince heading off towards her parents’ castle.

The rest of the story, I’m sure you think you can guess. However, when the prince came to her and knelt on one knee before her with an outstretched, closed hand, things turned rather differently than one might expect. She turned his offer of marriage down.
Instead, the wedding celebrated just a few days later at her parents’ castle was between her and the dragon! She was heard to say that she admired his boldness and adventuresomeness.

Three weeks later, it is told, that she remarked to her dragon, “What long teeth you have, my dear!”

His reply, at least, so it says in the chronicles of our lord the king, was, “So much better to eat you with! ahem… I mean, eat with!”

The End.

Note: Don’t read into this! it’s just a story… no hidden messages! :p


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