I love these QuickPress Boxes!


Well, today was a rather fine day. I got my final grade for one of my classes (one more down!!!).
I also had lunch at SONIC YaYaYaY πŸ˜€ with Lindsay and we had fun.
Then we went to Preclinical and I didn’t get out until 5…
THEN i came home and Isaac and I made a Red Baron’s pizza and we ate almost all of it and we had fun πŸ˜€
Then we played my computer game and we won THREE levels in a row and then won the whole game. We conquered… we win!!
Now I have to finish my paperwork for my hospital shift in the morning starting at 6:30…
Today was a rather fine day…
~elizabeth busshaus


2 thoughts on “I love these QuickPress Boxes!

    • Yes I totally agree. I don’t have your email. Email me so i have it! When need to set up like a specific DATE & TIME to skype!!! PLEEEEASE??? I have things I wanna talk to you about. Miss you muchly!! and love you more!! πŸ˜€

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