I’m Checked off!

I did my IV check off today at school. I passed. I’m pleased. God can work through me… I know because I can’t do anything on my own. He is good.

Moved my devos to the evening before bed. Much better. I never run out of time then 🙂

A guy in my class has pneumonia. Another guy’s son has the swine flu. Pray that we stay well, (and Bryan gets better) so that we can finish the year well and graduate in December.

I go to the hospital in the morning for a longggggg shift.   I hope I get all my paper work down well today, wake up in time tomorrow and know my meds so I can give them on Friday.  I also hope to get off paperwork soon! (Probably not this week, but the next Lord willing… unless I do a smashing good job tonight so I can be done early…. haha, I guess I could go start on it right now… 😛 )

Tonight is home fellowship at my house at 6 pm. May the Lord be with us!

~elizabeth jane busshaus


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