Long Day

We went to 6 Flags today and it was very tiring (is that spelled right?) but I think we got our money’s worth :).  I wouldn’t mind going with a big group of good friends about once a year.  It was fun.  I liked the water slides in the water park.  My little brother went on the Rattler… he is much more daring than I.  Maybe next time (i think i’ll say that every time :P).

It was fun though.  I’m really tired.  BUT I got to have TWO rootbeers today and a waterburger.  

I don’t usually do the things where you pay $5 and try to win something by throwing a basketball in the hoops, but the one where the guy has to guess your weight, birth month, or age (all within 2) I was like YEAH I so have this one. No one EVER has guessed my age correctly.  So… he guessed 18 which could’ve been 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20… and he was wrong, so I won this SPURS cape.  I’m gonna wear it to school for Bryan.  Haha.  I’ll post a picture of it as soon as I take one.  🙂



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