It’s Friday!

I’m so glad it’s the weekend!  And it’s a long weekend at that!  I don’t have to go to school on Monday due to some groups taking over the campus starting today.  I need a couple days off to reconnect with my family, my STUFF (which totally needs to be re-organized!), my school (figure out better ways to study, haha), recharge my iPod (which is dead 😦 and I haven’t been able to plug it in my stereo system in my car for three days!).  

But in all seriousness, I need these few more hours to reconnect with God.  I feel like even when I’m reading my Bible I’m just doing it to get it done.  A friend and I met for a few hours the other night and we both agreed that our relationship with God was stale.  It reminded me of John Piper’s book & DVD series, “When I Don’t Desire God.”  God is the One who made my life meaningful and I *want* my life to reflect Jesus Christ, not Elizabeth Busshaus.  I *want* to die to myself, but it’s so much easier said than done.  

So, that’s my plans for the weekend.  Get refreshed in Christ.  Refocus.  Vent.  Pray.  Love.  Serve.  and think on who Jesus Christ is.  

~elizabeth busshaus

(Side note: I updated this post today: click here to read).


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