Mourning the Death of Whom?

This week I’ve heard lots of talk about the death of some “famous” people.  The coverage of these lives seem to bring a special importance to each of them, yet aren’t we forgetting someone who’s life was so much more important?   I was listening to a Christian radio station on the way to school Friday morning and I finally got disgusted with the constant discussion about Michael Jackson and plugged in my iPod.  

Even now, a few days later, 9 of the top 10 selling songs on iTunes is by Jackson, a lot of the first articles on are about Michael Jackson–photos of him through the years, at least 4 different ones talking about his family wondering how he died, forums where people in Afghanistan can discuss his life… 

There’s another life I’d like to focus on, and I’m sick & tired of hearing about Michael Jackson this, Michael Jackon that… and I’d like at least the Christian radio station to talk about this story a little!!

This past Tuesday in a country in Africa that is quite hostile to Christians, “Two knights of the Islamic Maghreb succeeded Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. to kill the infidel American Christopher Leggett for his Christianizing activities.”  This statement was sent out by Al-Qaida’s North African branch.  

He had a wife and four children with him in Africa.  

I believe that Christopher Legget’s life should be reflected on in somber thought and my hope is that his death will bring about many new lives.  I pray that people will be unashamed of the gospel.  I pray that they will go out and tell.  That they wouldn’t be afraid of the dangerous countries, but be willing to go where God leads them and share the good news!  

Many Christians die in this world because the Muslims hate them.  We aren’t to be shaken by this.  They are going to hate us because the world hated Jesus.  We ought to rejoice!  Go out and tell!  We aren’t persecuted in this free country, therefore, we should rejoice that we can “safely” share Christ with those we meet. 

(Here’s a link to the AP story on this.  You can also go to towards the top of my blog and click on the first link under “Links of Interest”  but click here: Missionary Murdered in Africa.)

~elizabeth busshaus


5 thoughts on “Mourning the Death of Whom?

  1. It is sad that our country, and even the “christian” people have gone so far as to make and idol of someone who has for the most part, only done things for themselves. It use to be that the “idols” of the christians were the men and women who have laid done their life so that the gospel may be spread. Jackson, was not a world changer for eternal purposes, and while it is sad he died, i dont think that it is sad because of his “great” impact on the world, because I don’t believe that his impact was that great, it defintly won’t impact others lives into eternity. but this missionary who died, laid down his life, so that others might be welcomed into heaven. He went there knowing the risk! He is worthy of attention, because he gave the ultimate gift, his life. that is who i want to be like! Not like a pop star, not like michael Jackson. I want to be willing to give up my life, so that others may be born into heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!

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