Grown Up at 21?

My brother says no, I’m not grown up even though I’m twenty-one now. I don’t know if I agree with him or not (he’s nine years younger than me, btw). However, soon after we were discussing this, we brought in the mail and sorted out what was for me, my sister, him, and my parents… Dad had the usual bills, mom had Visa card applications, my sister had something from one of her little friends… and Isaac and I had nothing. Oh but wait! We found something for me… it was the latest issue of the Lego magazine.

We looked at each other and I asked, “Can you be grown up and receive Lego Magazines?”
He reassured me that it wasn’t a problem. 21 and grown up… with Lego Magazines. Hmmm… He thought about it for a while and then we had a good laugh.

I actually don’t know why I still get those Lego Magazines. I think I’ve been getting them for over ten years… maybe more. AND I’ve only ever flipped MAYBE two issues. I feel bad for them wasting their paper and ink for me! I’ve never paid for a subscription… I’ve moved 3 (or 4?) times, and yet… I still get them. Wonder what would happen if I changed my name?? Nah… they’d still find me!

Update: When Isaac brought me the latest edition of the Lego Magazine today we agreed that I’m going to get the Lego magazine up until the day my son is ready to play legos and the magazine comes in handy.  But at that point in time, they’ll dissolve the magazine and send me a notice saying, sorry ma’am, your subscription has been discontinued.  To renew, please send in your annual fee of $27.89.  

But of course, I have no annual fee & I still can’t figure out why they chose lucky me to receive them for so many years at so many different addresses 😀

Oh well, I guess just enjoy them, eh?

~July 17, 2009


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