Fried Bologna, AmAzInG Sunset & 2 inches of Rain

What on earth do those three things have in common?  I mean the first one is something my sister despises with utmost hate (and that is no exaggeration).  The second is something that happens not exactly often, but it’s also not exactly rare.  The third is almost unbelievable… I mean, I do live in Texas after all and it’s already the summer (not technically, but in every other aspect) so rain??  

What they DO have in common is… well, they all happened today.  They are all gifts from God.  They were all given to me.  God provided a meal for me and my dad (and my sister if she would’ve accepted it from Him) through the bologna that I had the strength and ability (and the stove had enough gas) to fry it.  (He also provided the bread, mayo and mustard – for dad – and the knife to spread it… the healthy body to eat it, the list only goes on.)  Food is something that is very important to me.  I don’t mean that I’m “addicted” or food is an idol of mine.  I don’t believe that I am obsessed with eating or food.  But I do eat a lot and often.  If I don’t… well, I try not to be in a state of not eating… 😛  And yet, though I eat many times a day, I have never worried about when and how I get my next meal.  I often wonder what it’s going to be and if I’ll have to go get cash before the meal or (most often) when I’ll be able to go get my meal! but I never worry if I’ll get a meal.  (This wondering usually comes about 10:30 am during the hardest part of my day at school! LoL)

The amazing sunset came about because of the black clouds that had been lingering this afternoon.  This sort of comes because of the third one.  But I had been watching the cloud line and realized after a while that the sunset would be pretty awesome.  The clouds cleared off slightly and the red sun poked itself first above and then a few minutes later was underneath the beautiful horizon of clouds.  It made me realize how creative and beautiful God was and how He enjoyed different sunsets EVERY night.  And all this without a thought from me trying to help. 

The two inches of rain made me thankful for yet another blessing that I didn’t ask for yet we needed.  When I got up this morning it was pouring down rain.  It was beautiful.  This was something we needed, but I wasn’t awake all night praying that it would be raining in the morning.  Actually, I hadn’t even thought of praying for rain for days.  But when it did come, I wasn’t going to take it for granted.

These three things weren’t on the top of my prayer list, yet God provided them.  I am so grateful for all of them. There ARE things on my prayer list that I feel God isn’t hearing… and answering (even if the answers are no or maybe or wait or… anything but silence).  But I see tonight that God IS taking care of me.  He KNOWS what I need, when I need it, how I need it, etc.  He’s giving me what He wants me to have now.  I don’t need to fear, beg, be anxious about what I don’t have tonight.  Maybe it will come in the morning, or maybe it will come in months or years.  But when He deems I need it, it will be here.  

God is good.  He will provide.



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